A Fab Four

In the past 4 years I have seen it all. Literally.

I have seen my mother cry as I got married. I have seen the beaches of Rio and the streets of Mumbai and I’ve flown above Tokyo and toured factories in Vietnam and uncovered art in Berlin. I have seen employees of mine blossom into fierce leaders. I have seen my husband and friends and colleagues and family support my spirit of adventure and this dream we had to better the world with design. I have been loved immensely. That love has been fuel for these years.

Fab was started 4 years ago. With Nishith Shah, and my best friend Jason Goldberg, we made something really freaking awesome. I watched an idea we had grow into a beloved brand. I have witnessed designers across the world get their ideas out to the world via Fab. I have seen retail react, and change, because of Fab’s optimistic and inclusive view of design. I have fallen in love with stories and art and sofas and people and teacups and cities and food and even more deeply in love with my friends and family and colleagues.

The world needs Fab. The design community does. People who makes things do.

And I am one of those people. Founding Fab was something I made in this world. And I am so very proud of that.

I am also someone who has an explorer’s heart. And I don’t sit still. And I want to make other things in this world. And Fab is at a point in its history where I’ve decided to walk away from the day to day. Though Fab’s business model has evolved, the very core of Fab is where it was many years ago, when it was dreamt up by me and Jason in a restaurant in the West Village in the middle of our second bottle of wine. Fab remains set on a mission to brighten people’s lives with design. I am a staunch believer in this mission.

I too have a personal mission. As I remain today a shareholder and a non-executive advisor to Fab, I also have the desire to explore, discover, and see the world and do other things. What’s next for me? I don’t know yet and don’t intend to for some time. That’s part of exploration.

What is certain is my life is forever changed by Fab. Building something and having the world respond to it is intoxicating. It’s also deeply inspiring and humbling and will remain with me for the rest of my days.

To Jason and my Fab family, to the the designers I’ve fallen in love with, to the design and tech industry who embraced a loud mouth colorful misfit, I simply have one thing to say: Thank You.

Thank you for a magical four years where I discovered the world, discovered you all, and discovered myself along the way. I will never be the same.